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Our Belief

What We Believe.

We believe that God has revealed Himself and His will to us in His written Word - the Bible - which is the ultimate authority by which we live.

We believe that all people are separated from God because they break His laws and none of us can make ourselves acceptable to God by trying our best to live a good life.  But God in His love has provided the only way for people to be forgiven their sins and receive the gift of eternal life. This way is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus, God's Son, became a man so that He could take upon himself the punishment for our sins. He died but then rose from the dead, overcoming both sin and death. It is only through the finished work of Christ that God is able to forgive sinners and accept them into His family.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit comes to live within each follower of Christ to teach, guide, gift, enable and empower him or her to live God's kind of life.